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Safari & Bird Watching
Day Tour

Safari & Bird Watching
Day Tour

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A full day tour visiting Jordan’s wetland and wildlife reserves while passing by a UNESCO world heritage historical site.

Starting early from Amman heading east to the Wildlife Reserve as it is the best time for the Jeep Safari Tour for a close encounter with one of the region’s most magnificent and endangered wild animals: the Arabian Oryx.

After this visit, you will be taken to the unique wetland reserve, a migratory stopover for birds from three continents where you can enjoy an easy walking trail while observing local, migratory, and occasional rare birds close at hand.

On the way back, you will visit the most famous castles from the east of Jordan which one of them is an exceptionally well-preserved desert bathhouse from the early 8th century AD.

Return to Amman by sunset time.

The birds migratory is seasonal as the best time to see birdlife is in winter (December to February) and early spring (March and April).


1 Day Tour

Starting Point:

Amman, Queen Alia Airport


Family Friendly

History Exploration

Nature & Wildlife


Bird Watching



Jeep Tour


What’s included

Transportation to all Mentioned Sites

English Speaking Driver in a Comfortable Car

Entrance Fees to the Castles and Two Reserves

Self-Guided Hike (The Marsh Trail)

Coordination of this Trail

What do you need to prepare

Comfortable Hiking Clothes and Shoes


Your Smile

A clear mind for a fascinating experience

Day 1

7:00 am

Pick up from your Hotel in Amman

You local driver will pick up from your Hotel in Amman.

9:00 am

Visit Al-Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Initially a breeding center for endangered or locally extinct wildlife. Today, following breeding programs with some of the world’s leading wildlife parks and zoos, this small, 22-square-kilometre reserve is a thriving protected environment for some of the most rare species of animals in the Middle East. Oryx, ostriches, Onagers (an Asian wild ass) and gazelles.

You can enjoy a Jeep Safari Tour for a close encounter with the wild animals in the reserve and get to know the various desert plants and their uses in the old times.

11:30 am

Visit to Al-Azraq Wetland Reserve

The Azraq Wetland Reserve is a nature reserve located near the town of Azraq in the eastern desert of Jordan. An oasis for migratory birds, Azraq was established in 1978 and covers 12 square kilometres (4.6 sq mi).

You will enjoy walking the marsh trail which will give you an excellent introduction to the Reserve.


1:00 pm

Lunch in Azraq Lodge

This area has limited food options but the best experience is the home cooked food made by one of the old families that have been living in this area for so long.

This will be organized by MyFairyTrail as it needs prearrangements.


3:00 pm

Visit Qasr Al-Kharanah

Qasr Kharana is one of the best-known of the desert castles located in present-day eastern Jordan, about 60 kilometres (37 mi) east of Amman and relatively close to the border with Saudi Arabia. It is one of the earliest examples of Islamic architecture in the region.

Its purpose remains unclear today. “Castle” is a misnomer as the building’s internal arrangement does not suggest a military use, and slits in its wall could not have been designed for arrowslits. It could have been a caravanserai, or resting place for traders, but lacks the water source such buildings usually had close by and is not on any major trade routes.

4:00 pm

Visit Quseir 'Amra

A UNESCO World Heritage

Built in the early 8th century, this exceptionally well-preserved desert castle was both a fortress with a garrison and a residence of the Umayyad caliphs. The most outstanding features of this small pleasure palace are the reception hall and the hammam, both richly decorated with figurative murals that reflect the secular art of the time.

5:00 pm

Head back to Amman

End of this day tour.

If you would like to stay for overnight at the Azraq Lodge or rest house where you will have free time to enjoy some of the activities such as a longer trail or a bike ride in the area. Please indicate in the special requirements section in order to present you a different itinerary.