Adrenaline Rush

If you are looking for an adrenaline boost while traveling, then this mood is for you. Whether you are a professional adventurer or someone who loves to try new things, then we got something special for you.

Next, you will choose your favorite activity so we can plan your trail.

Family Friendly

If you are traveling with your family then choose this mood. We will focus on special activities, sleeping arrangements, and easier roads to make sure everyone is happy.

We have special activities saved for the little ones.

Food & culture

Indulging and learning about new cultures, traditions and cuisines is just fascinating.

All our trails include experiences with local food and culture but when this mood is selected, dedicated time for such special activities and experiences will be added to your trail.

History Exploration

All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections. “Arthur Aufderheide”.

A trail through a time where history took place. This mood includes more time spent absorbing and rediscovering historical sites at your own pace with the guidance of expert historians and local guides.

Let’s soak up the past and make the most of every historical adventure!”.

Nature & Wildlife

A highlight on the biodiversity and unique wilderness of lands that endangered and rare species are now calling home.

An eco-friendly journey through protected areas and reserves where civilization has missed and nature have lived.

Sun & Fun

This mood features a more relaxed experience where getting a decent tan while reading a book with a cold drink is as important as crossing destinations off your list.

When selected, special activities and lodging options with lovely pools and beaches will be a priority.