Dana to Petra
6 Days Hike

Dana to Petra
6 Days Hike

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80 km of some of the most breathtaking regions on the Jordan Trail, referred to by National Geographic as one of ‘The World’s Best Hikes: 15 Classic Trails’.  The trail descends from the heights of Dana Biosphere Reserve, passing several diverse ecosystems, climate zones, beautiful geology, countless mountains, valleys, and endless natural beauty. And last but not least, the trail ends with the spectacular Nabatean masterpiece, Petra. A day’s worth of exploration, with numerous trails and sites to explore and be amazed by.

Join a group on scheduled dates or create your own private tour. Get more details from your local travel advisor.


6 Days Tour

Starting Point:


Adrenaline Rush

Food & culture

Nature & Wildlife




Mountain Climbing


What’s included

Certified guide (wilderness first aid, fauna, flora, geology, map reading)

Transportations from and back to Amman

4WD support car for all days

Water, Tea & Coffee for all days of the hike

3 meals per day for the duration of the hike

Satellite phone for emergencies & First Aid

Camping tent & Mattresses

Goodie bag contains (lunch box, spork, cup, buff)

What do you need to prepare

Comfortable Hiking Clothes and Shoes


A small bag for Your Water and Previously Purchased Snacks

Your Smile

A clear mind for a fascinating experience

Day 1

Customize your Journey

Add more interesting things to see or do before or after this trail. A visit to the North of Jordan, a chill day at the Dead Sea, or a visit to one of the canyons.

Consult with your local travel advisor to design the perfect customized plan.

Get to Dana Biosphere Reserve

Gather at the meeting point and meet your fellow hikers, then a transfer to your bedouin touristic camp, situated in the 300-year-old beautiful village of Dana. Enjoy dinner, tea, and a tranquil night before the hike starts next morning.

Day 2

Dana To Wadi Malaga - 23 km

Accommodation: Wild camp

Distance: 23  km

Time: 8 – 10 hours

Elevation gain/loss (meters): 33+/985-

General Info: Early breakfast then meet our support team and drop our luggage to be transported to our camping spot, the hike starts at Dana village and winds down through the scenic wadi dana, then arrives at the ancient mining area of Faynan, the trail then continues south in the flat desert of wadi araba until we arrive at our camp. We will enjoy a tranquil night and a taste of the south local food.

Day 3

Wadi Malaga To Ras Al-Feid - 16 km

Accommodation: Wild camp

Distance: 16 km

Time: 6 – 8 hours

Elevation gain/loss (meters): 830+/269-

General Info: Ascend across several dry tributaries, with Wadi Araba to the west and Al Sharat mountain range to the east. Continue east uphill to reach Ras Naqb Sheid, offering stunning views in all directions. Follow a steep downhill to reach Wadi Al-Feid, Arrive at the campsite where you will have your tents set up, and a rewarding  dinner waiting for you.

Day 4

Ras Al-Feid To Qbour Wehidat - 14 km

Accommodation: wild camp

Distance: 14 km

Time: 5-7 hours

Elevation gain/loss (meters): 780+/500-

General Info: Start the day off from Ras Al- Feid along with a rocky sandstone terrain, hiking down into Wadi Al-Fied and followed by a pleasant ascent south to Jabal Al-Safaha, to see some of the most spectacular views of the region. Afterward, pass a paved road and pass Kutlah Spring to then descend and arrive at Gbour Wheidat where you will have your tents set up, and a delicious dinner waiting for you at the camp.

Day 5

Qbour Wehidat To Little Petra - 14 km

Accommodation: bedouin touristic camp

Distance: 14 km

Time: 5-6 hours

Elevation gain/loss (meters): 610+/560-

General Info: From Gbour Wheidat you will continue walking on the ridge of a mountain, descending through small sandstone canyons, passing Al-Farsh plateau, and finally winding your way to the site of little petra. After we visited little petra we will continue our hike until we reach our bedouin campsite to enjoy a shower and a local dinner. 

Day 6

Little Petra To Petra - 14 km

Accommodation: bedouin touristic camp

Distance: 14 km

Time: 5-6 hours

Elevation gain/loss (meters): 535+/560-

General Info: Enjoy breakfast served at the campsite, to then discover the Neolithic remains at Beida UNESCO Heritage site before starting the day’s hike. Start at Beida from Seig Al-Bared, following a good back-trail through sandstone mountains to reach the monastery of Petra (referred to as Al-Deyer), and spend the day exploring and visiting the Ancient Sites of Petra, including the famous Treasury and Royal Tombs. After the hike, you can either continue the hike to Wadi Rum or head back to Amman.