The Wander Road
6 Days

The Wander Road
6 Days

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Immerse yourself in a complete Jordanian experience, getting up close and personal with the locals, their cultural traditions, and the delectable cuisine.


  • Explore the main cities, including the awe-inspiring Petra.
  • Discover the rejuvenating wonders of the Dead Sea
  • Uncover hidden gems
  • Experience Wadi Rum

The Hot Air Balloon ride is a remarkable activity offered in Wadi Rum. Tickets are priced at 165 JOD per adult with limited availability, with bookings filling up quickly. If you are interested, kindly request your local advisor to arrange a reservation for you.


6 Days Tour

Starting Point:

Amman, Queen Alia Airport


Adrenaline Rush

Family Friendly

Food & culture

History Exploration

Nature & Wildlife



Hot Air Balloon

Jeep Tour


What’s included

Private Transfer to all Mentioned Sites

Accommodation throughout the Trip

Jeep Tour & Camel Ride

5 Breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 Dinners

Customer Support by your Local Advisor

Tracking your Trail on a Mobile App

What do you need to prepare

Your Jordan Pass


A small bag for Your Water and Previously Purchased Snacks

Your Smile

A clear mind for a fascinating experience

Day 1

Airport Pick up

Your driver will be waiting for you at the gate to welcome you into this wonderful travel experience.

3:00 am

Amman City Tour

For arrivals before 2 PM, you will embark on a captivating Amman City tour that includes visits to renowned landmarks such as the Citadel, the Roman Amphitheater, and King Abdullah Mosque. In case of a different arrival, the itinerary will be adapted accordingly to accommodate your schedule.

Lunch At Hashem Restaurant

Savor a delicious meal at Hashem Restaurants, renowned for their authentic Hummos and Falafel. Whether you choose to dine for lunch or dinner, this is the perfect spot to enjoy these delightful dishes.

6:00 pm

Overnight in Amman

Stay at one of our selected hotels that are well located in Amman. Based on your budget preference

Day 2

9:00 am

Visit to Madaba City

Prepare to be captivated by Madaba, a haven for history enthusiasts. This charming and welcoming town boasts an abundance of magnificent Byzantine mosaics that adorn its buildings and archaeological sites. Strolling through Madaba on foot is a delightful way to explore, as you’ll encounter historic churches and ancient ruins nestled among bustling shops and vibrant marketplaces offering traditional woven carpets and clothing.

9:00 am

Mount Nebo

Situated at an impressive elevation of approximately 817 meters (2,680 ft) above sea level, Mount Nebo in Jordan holds significant biblical importance. According to the Hebrew Bible, it is the revered site where Moses was granted a panoramic view of the Promised Land. From the summit, you can relish a breathtaking vista of the Holy Land, with a partial glimpse of the Jordan River Valley to the north. On exceptionally clear days, the cities of Jericho in the West Bank and Jerusalem can be spotted from this remarkable vantage point.

12:00 pm

The Wild Salt Shore

Visit this magnificent point in Jordan on your itinerary. Although it requires a short walk from the car parking area, reaching the salt formations is well worth the effort. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a stunning natural wonder. Take your time to appreciate the beauty, capture outstanding photographs, and immerse yourself in the unique surroundings. Afterward, you can easily continue on your trail, carrying with you the memories of this extraordinary experience.

Swim at the Dead Sea

Float at the lowest point on the earth. It is a remarkable experience that combines natural wonder, relaxation, and unique therapeutic benefits. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the remarkable properties of this iconic destination and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Return to your hotel in Amman.

Day 3

9:00 am

Visit the Roman Ruins of Jerash

Ranked as a close second to Petra on the list of favorite destinations in Jordan, this remarkable site holds immense appeal.

11:30 am

Visit Ajloun Castle

Ajloun Castle is a historic fortress with panoramic views of the Jordan Valley. Built-in the 12th century, it played a crucial role in defending against Crusader invasions. The castle showcases impressive Islamic architecture, including thick stone walls and towers.

12:30 pm

As Salt City

A World Heritage site known as “the city of tolerance and civilized hospitality.”

As you explore Salt City, you’ll encounter enchanting Ottoman-era architecture, including well-preserved buildings and traditional stone houses adorned with intricate details. The city’s winding streets, bustling markets, and vibrant local life offer a glimpse into Jordanian traditions and daily rhythms.

Lunch at a Local House

An authentic experience where you will enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal at a charming home in a building constructed almost a century ago and experience the warmth of Salti families.

Be sure to try on the khalaga, the traditional dress of As-Salt, and experience a local wedding vibe.

Return to your hotel in Amman.

Day 4

11:00 am

Visit Petra

After checking out from your hotel in Amman you will head to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, renowned for its magnificent rock-cut architecture and captivating sandstone cliffs.

3:00 pm

Overnight in Little Petra

After visiting Petra you will have lunch at one of the local restaurants then head for a magnificent night at one of our selected camps in Little Petra “Al Bayda area”

Day 5

10:00 am

Jeep Tour

After breakfast at the camp, you will head to Wadi Rum for a comprehensive 4 hours Jeep tour to witness the captivating beauty of this protected area.

2:00 pm

Wild Lunch in the Desert

Embark on an extraordinary experience to have a Bedouin cook a humble lunch for you over an open fire in the heart of the desert.

A My Fairy Trail special.

4:00 pm

Overnight at Wadi Rum Desert

Stay at one of our selected Bedouin camps for an authentic local experience based on your selected budget preference.

Choose between two distinctive accommodation options: the Traditional Bedouin Tent or the enchanting Bubble Dome Tent.

Day 6

8:00 am

Camel Ride in Wadi Rum

Go back in time and get a feel of how Bedouins used to cross over deserts.

An exciting 1-hour ride where you will learn the traditional ways of traveling and take memorable photos.

Don’t you love those 🐫🐫

10:00 am

Return back

Return back to the Starting point or the Airport. It will be around a 4 hours drive.

Note: Ask your local advisor to make any modifications you need. Everything is customizable…