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December 12, 2021, 11:26 am


About Hiking in Jordan

Hikers in the green North of Jordan

Hiking the North of Jordan


Most people who intend to visit Jordan, think of Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. A few also about some Roman cities and architecture. However, Jordan has to offer much more beyond these well-known highlights. Due to its diverse eco-systems, nature reserves, and landscapes including green forests, mountainous areas, and deserts, Jordan is a perfect hiking destination.

Hiking in Jordan is old as the area has been inhabited. Moabites, Edomites, Ammonites, and later Nabataeans as well as Romans traveled on the King’s Highway. It was a popular trade route used between Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and beyond. Nomads were traveling, trading, and living along those roads. Even today, you can find local shepherds across the country migrating with their sheep and goat. Hikers can enjoy some of these old routes, as well as new ones that were implemented in recent years.

Hiking the Jordan Trail

Hiking the Jordan Trail

With the implementation of the Jordan Trail, the country has gained a lot of popularity among hikers across the globe. The 675km-trail connects the most Northern city Umm Qais with the Gulf of Aqaba in the South. The trail leads along with various attractions, stunning nature and does not miss some important UNESCO world heritage sites. It includes protected nature reserves and of course, the famous world wonder, the ancient city of Petra. In fact, a section of the Trail, from Dana to Petra has been named as one of the top hiking trails in the world by National Geographic. You will make unforgettable connections with locals and other fellow travelers and have the journey of your lifetime. This part of the Jordan Trail will lead you in about three to four days through the Dana Biosphere Reserve to experience beautiful nature and observe the unique wildlife. Check out our Adventure Hikes trip.

Best Hiking Routes in Jordan

Apart from the Jordan Trail, there are many routes to choose from. The North of Jordan has its own vegetation and climate. It also is home to a nature reserve, many forests and has wonderful green hikes to offer in Spring. You will hike along with lush forests, thousand-year-old olive trees and maybe see the Black Iris, Jordan’s national flower.

The center has something different to offer. It is much rougher and harsher and elevation might be challenging from time to time. But it certainly does not lack diversity, stunning nature, and beautiful lookouts. Spending a night camping under stars and exploring valleys, Crusader castles, and world wonders are just exciting.


One of the most exciting and adventurous hikes might be one of the many water-filled valleys. These valleys, called Wadi, mostly lead from the center of Jordan towards the Jordan Valley. The area of the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. 450 meters below sea level, it is always warmer than most other parts of Jordan. So what is better than taking a hike with a refreshing splash in one of the Wadis. Apart from Wadi Mujib, which gives you the most action, there are plenty of other alternatives depending on weather, or if you are hiking with a family for example.

Hiking Valleys in Jordan

Hiking Valleys in Jordan

Which Trail To Choose

Jordan covers a vast amount of trails and everyone has different expectations for a vacation. Hence, you might be in need of some advice, depending on the duration and time of your stay, as well as your preferred mode of travel. Whether you go on an organized trip or travel with a rental car, MyFairyTrail can help you to choose the right trail. Even if you walk along the Jordan Trail using GPS data from their website, you should know that most parts of the trails are not way-marked. So it is good advice to take local guides, who know the area. That is especially true for the more remote sections and a must for Wadi Rum. 

Hiking King Talal Dam

Hiking King Talal Dam

Best Time For Each Trail

During springtime, the North is best with pleasant temperatures and an array of flora and fauna. The center and the south are really beautiful during February and March with cool temperatures and plenty of greenery. The winter season is very rainy and can also see snowfall but September to November is also a pleasant time to visit Jordan. These times are also better for exploring the East of the country. The water valleys are beautiful from Spring to Summer and you should always visit with care. Summers can get extremely hot, and in Winter flash floods can be very dangerous.

There is a lot of information and to consider when choosing a trail. However, just create your trip with MyFairytTrail. Select the travel dates and preferences, and we will recommend the best routes to take and pick the best local guides for each area.

Create Your Trip Now with a few simple steps and let us tailor your trail.

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