Traveling to Jordan with Kids

May 27, 2021, 11:27 am


Traveling with Family in Jordan

Jordan is a diverse country with a wide range of terrain, a lot of history, and many different activities to explore. While not all places are great for a family vacation, there are plenty of options available when visiting Jordan. From exploring ancient historic places to ride a camel or enjoying a splash in the Red Sea, Jordan has it all. You also should know that Jordanians absolutely love children and families stand above everything.

Keep in mind though that most of the streets in Amman are not very pedestrian-friendly. Also in remote places, you might have difficulties navigating with a stroller. Therefore, it is easier to travel to Jordan, if your kids can walk on their own. Also, many historic places require some amount of walking, but you can always scale down a bit and might be good advice to not raise your expectations too high. Taken this into account, there is so much to see, explore and taste that also your kids will enjoy.

Public transportation is not widely spread through Jordan or is at least difficult to figure out as a foreigner. With no Arabic knowledge and having to wait until busses are full, it is not the optimal mode of transportation, especially with children. While in Amman you can move around with taxis or Uber for sure. However, if you want to explore more of Jordan, then MyFairyTrail can help you to organize transportation for your family. That way, you can rely on safety and time everything according to your needs.

View of the Dead Sea

View of the Dead Sea


Amman will most likely be the start and/or of your Jordan itinerary. While you don’t need many days, you should definitively reserve some time for the capital. One of the best places to visit is the citadel, with or without kids. It gives you one of the best overviews of the city and a stunning view of the Roman theater. You can explore the temple of Hercules, the Amman citadel, a small museum. The best thing is, that children can move around freely and you don’t have to worry about traffic. Make sure to explore our short trips covering different parts of Jordan.

Amman Citadel with Chilrden

Amman Citadel with Children

A stroll through Amman Downtown is mandatory as is a visit to the Roman Theater. Kids will surely find this more entertaining than any history class. Downtown you can observe one of the many sand bottle makers. They will be happy to create one with your kid’s name written inside the sand. The Abdali Boulevard is also a safe environment as it is one of the view car-free areas within Amman. You combine a visit to the shopping mall or cinema with a walk on the Boulevard. There is plenty of options for food, ice cream, or other sweet treats. On many occasions, there is entertainment, festivals, or seasonal markets such as for Christmas or summer.

When you look for an inside activity for children, you can go to one of the many soft play areas or indoor playgrounds within most of the shopping malls. Your kids can stack LEGO bricks, climb walls or jump on trampolines to bust out their energy. Amman has also a few family-friendly museums. The Museum or Jordan or the Royal Tank Museum might be something for older children. The youngsters will enjoy the Royal Automobile Museum or the Children’s Museum for sure.

Christmas at Abdali Boulevard Amman

Christmas at Abdali Boulevard Amman

Not far from Amman

Just 45 minutes North of Amman is Jerash, one of the highlights of Jordan’s historic places. You should not miss the ancient city and make sure to view the Gladiator fights with your kids. Ajloun Castle is also nearby and is worth exploring. Ajloun forest reserve offers family-friendly hikes and cabins for stayovers. If your kids love animals, head over to a wildlife sanctuary and observe lions, bears, or Siberian tigers.

The Eastern Desert

In spring or late autumn, the Eastern Desert of Jordan holds plenty to see for families. The areas are remote though and amenities are rather basic. If that is Ok for you, then explore a few of the Desert castles and head to the nature reserves in the East. Shaumari Reserves has a protected area for the Oryx Antilope. And in the Wetland Reserve, you can watch migrating birds. Depending on your mood and your children’s age, you can opt for a walk or bike tour in Azraq and Jeep or bike ride in Shaumari. The nearby Azraq Castle is a unique place with its black-colored stones. Have a look at our short trips for Safari & Bird Watching.

Azraq Castle with Kids

Azraq Castle with Kids

Petra and Wadi Rum

If you have never been to Jordan, you most likely will want to visit Petra and Wadi Rum. Together with Aqaba, they are known as the Golden Triangle of Jordan. Petra is a must-see and also kids will enjoy it. With smaller children, you should plan only to reach the famous Siq and Treasury. With older children, you can explore further the ancient rose city. There are so many overwhelming facades, natural formations, and stones in all shades of red. Take your family on a discovery tour of the Nabataean people.

Petra Treasury with Children

Petra with Family

Wadi Rum is Jordan’s most famous dessert. It is a protected area and a UNESCO world heritage site. In Wadi Rum you can enjoy pure nature, far from cities, people and any disturbance. The huge areal allows being alone even though it is a popular travel destination. With your family, you can embark on a Jeep tour, climb one of the many natural bridges or try to read ancient writings engraved in the rock walls. Maybe your kids will enjoy sitting on a camel or visit one of the famous filming locations from Aladdin, The Marsian or Lawrence of Arabia.

For excitement, you can take a quad tour or sandboard down a dune. If you just want to relax and put your feet in the sand, there is plenty of it. For dinner, you can enjoy the magnificent Zarb meal cooked underground (link to the short trip with cooking experience). After that enjoy magical sunsets while sipping on the best tea Jordan has to offer. Then you will experience a night with pure silence and the purest skies filled with stars. Either sleep in a Bedouin-style tent or just pull out your mattress and sleep under the stars.

Aqaba – Red Sea

In Aqaba, you can then relax at the beach under the sun, let your kids play in the pool, or building sandcastles at the shore. The hotels are perfectly equipped for families with playgrounds, entertainment, and food for children. In Aqaba, you can explore life under sea while snorkeling, diving, or on a glass boat trip. Further activities include the Aqaba Aquarium or the Rise Adventure Park with zip lines and climbing walls. The water temperature is usually good all year round. The beaches are very shallow and therefore great for children.

Aqaba Beach

Aqaba Beach

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