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January 23, 2022, 1:24 pm


The diverse faces of Jordan

Jordan has so many things to offer beyond its famous attractions. Of course, the many world heritage sites, ancient cities, and ruins are a must-see in Jordan. However, you can explore and discover much more. Be it on foot, bike, quad, camel, or even a hot air balloon. In this article, we present to you some great adventures, awesome hikes, unique wildlife, and some ways to experience Jordan in a more unusual way. This will help you to get some ideas when Planning your Trip To Jordan.

Adventure Hikes in Jordan

Jordan has many interesting hikes to offer. Did you know you can explore the whole country on the Jordan Trail? The trail leads you on 675km across Jordan, from North to South. One of the most acclaimed sections is surely the part from Dana to Petra. You don’t have to do all the 3-4 days if you don’t feel like it. However, you should definitively opt for the back-trail hike to the monastery in Petra. You will start in Little Petra and make your way to the lesser-known but not less impressive monastery. We take you on ancient footpaths of the Nabataeans until you see one of the most beautiful facades carved in stone. From there you will explore the rest of the rose city, Petra. We offer different short trips taking you on adventure hikes.

Hikers in Jordan

Hiking the Backtrail to Petra

Did you know that Jordan’s tallest mountain is located in Wadi Rum? Apart from lots of sand, there are stunning mountain formations, natural bridges. Those rock formations were shaped by thousands or millions of years of erosion. Beyond, in Wadi Rum you can discover Umm Ad Dami, the tallest mountain in Jordan with a bit less than 1900 meters. One unforgettable adventure is to climb Umm Ad Dami and watch the sunrise or sunset from there. You can then enjoy magnificent views over Wadi Rum, Saudi Arabia, and the Aqaba mountains.

Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Desert

If you need even more adventure, why not get your feet wet in one of the many valleys? Although Jordan is truly one of the driest countries in the world, there are of course some natural water resources. Usually, these have a spring in the center of the country and water flows westwards down to the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, the earth’s lowest point. But maybe you didn’t know that these valleys or canyons provide excellent hiking terrain. For the ultimate adventure, explore Wadi Mujib or Wadi Hidan. If you love palm trees and plants, you might wanna choose Wadi Bin Hamad or Wadi Kerak. For beautiful rock formations and colors, we recommend Wadi Numeira or Wadi Al-Hasa. Whatever your choice is, MyFairyTrail will make sure you enjoy your trip. If you are interested in such an adventure, make sure to see our related short trips Hike and Heal or Canyon Adventure Hikes.

Wadi Karak

Wadi Al-Karak

Animals and Wildlife

Jordan is home to several protected nature reserves that are operated by the Royal Society of Nature Conservation (RSCN) Jordan. The first nature reserve that was implemented is Shaumari Reserve in Eastern Jordan. There you can embark on a jeep or bike tour to watch the Oryx, a beautiful type of Antilope. The animals are protected and have a huge space to ensure their well-being. Jordan is also a stop for many migrating birds. In Spring and Fall, many birds make a stopover here during their travels. Therefore you can come for birdwatching, not only in Shaumari Reserve but also in the Azraq Wetlands Reserve and other locations across Jordan.

Oryx Antilope


While you won’t find wild bears or tigers in Jordan, you can still get the chance to observe them in an animal sanctuary not far North of Amman. Many large animals that mainly have been rescued from neighboring countries are kept there. Apart from several lions, some bears there are also two stunning Siberian tigers. It is a great, family-friendly activity. Keep in mind that this is not a zoo, but a place to provide a secure home for these animals. Also check out our short trips to the North covering Wildlife as well.

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Apart from that, we are sure, you will see a few camels along the road, many sheep and goats wherever you travel in Jordan. And with some luck, you might discover the blue lizard or spot some other unique animals in Jordan.

Blue Lizard

Blue Lizard

Abseiling, Cycling, or Quad Tours anyone?

If you seek more adventure, then we can recommend some of the many adrenaline-filled activities in Jordan. Ever thought about rock climbing in Wadi Rum or Abseiling in one of the canyons? There is a lot to discover and MyFairyTrail can arrange any kind of exciting adventure for any kind of level. We take you off the beaten track with professional guides, so you can focus on your adventure 100 percent.

Swim in Wadi Hidan

Adventure in Wadi Hidan

If you read our blog, you know that Jordan has a hiking trail, the Jordan Trail. But did you know that there is also the Jordan Bike Trail? The Jordan Bike Trail is leading you on a combination of on-road and off-road paths through the entire country. It passes by many of the most interesting attractions of Jordan. However, it is not for everyone, as the many inclines and off-road parts require some skills and endurance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice bike ride in Jordan. There are plenty of opportunities not far from Amman. If you do seek some more adventurous rides or something rather remote, we can arrange that for you, too.

Cyclist overlooking Wadi Araba

For the speed lovers, we also have something. We can take you on a quad bike through forest terrain in the North. You will be riding a 4×4-quad or a buggy and you feel the wind and dust on your skin. If you go to Wadi Rum, you also have the chance to swap the camel for a motorized vehicle. It is certainly a unique experience to cruise through the red sand and drive up and down the many sand dunes of the desert. Let us know what is your choice, and MyFairyTrail will arrange everything for you.


Quad Tour in Northern Jordan

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