Planning A Trip To Jordan

May 27, 2021, 11:33 am


How to Start

How to Organize Your Trip to Jordan

When planning a trip to a new country, you have to consider many aspects, such as visas, how to get there, what to visit, where to stay and how to move around. MyFairyTrail is a Jordanian Online travel agency that simplifies the traveling planning process for Jordan and provides people with a personalized local experience. With the local experience in the tourism industry, MyFairyTrail can take some load off your shoulders and support you in creating a wonderful Jordan itinerary, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, with friends or family.

Camels walking through the desert in Wadi Rum

Camels in Wadi Rum

What to do in Jordan?

Traveling through Jordan can entail many interesting things, such as rock climbing in the desert, visiting important religious sites, or experience wildlife in one of the many reserves, In fact, there is so much to do beyond the obvious of visiting Petra, one of the modern seven world wonders, or go on a jeep tour in Wadi Rum, one of the must-dos in Jordan. Why not learn about bees making honey or picking olives on a farm? Ever tried abseiling in a canyon? Did you know that Jordan has a 675 km hiking trail crossing the whole country? And even cycling through Jordan is one of the many experiences you can find here. Of course, you can also relax at the beach and indulge in the wonderful culture, and enjoy delicious Arabic food and treats. Whatever you are seeking, you can find an activity in Jordan that suits you.



Depending on your style of travel, your budget, and your preferences, MyFairyTrail can choose transportation, accommodation, and attractions for you. Whether it is a specific tourist site, a short trip, or a complete journey through Jordan, we can customize an offer for you. We will take into account who you are traveling with; if you look for leisure, adventure, history, or a bit of everything. We will suggest places to visit and respect your wishes, needs, and time frame. Give it a try and get your free personalized itinerary Now.

Before Coming to Jordan – Do I Need a Visa for Jordan?

Before traveling to Jordan, you need to find out, if you have to apply for a visa or can obtain it on arrival. Most European countries as well as North America can get a visa on arrival for currently 40 JD, about 55 USD. For detailed information on the visa to Jordan, make sure to check the Visit Jordan Website by the Jordanian Tourism Board. Also, the Royal Jordanian (RJ) website shows more details about the travel updates. Currently, due to the pandemic, it is also important that you register your intended travel at  Gateway to Jordan, before you embark on your journey. It is also worthy to mention, that visa regulations differ if you enter the country via plane or via land borders. Usually arriving by air at Queen Alia Airport or Aqaba is straightforward. If you however intend to enter Jordan via its land border crossings, make sure to check with the respective embassies, if you need to arrange a visa beforehand.

Qasr Amra, Jordan

Qasr Amra, Jordan

The Jordan Pass

The Jordan Pass is perfect if you are looking to save some cash. It combines the visa to Jordan and access to many of the local tourist attractions, including, of course, Petra. It also allows you to visit other famous sites in Jordan, such as Jerash, Umm Qais, Karak Castle, for free. For a detailed list of all the attractions that are included, visit the Jordan Pass website.

Anyway, the pass entails the visa fee of 40 JD plus at least one day of access to Petra, which is normally about 50 JD for foreigners. However, the Jordan Pass for one day only costs 70 JD. This is a no-brainer as you already will save at least 20 JD when only visiting Petra. Additionally, there are also many more attractions included and also you can opt for 2-day or 3-day passes to Petra. The best part about the Jordan Pass is, that it will speed up your entry at the airport and most likely at some other attractions. Because you have already your prepaid ticket as a printout, or digitally on your phone.

Check out our Jordan Pass 3 Days and 6 Days itineraries where you will visit the most important sites in the shortest time possible.

Petra Jordan

The Siq, Petra, Jordan

When is the Best Time to Visit Jordan?

March to May is the most popular time to visit Jordan as it temperatures are still not too hot and you get the chance to experience a lot of green in the spring. September to mid-November are also a good time, with a nice climate. Overall Jordan has pretty much no rainfall between May to end of October. In Winter it can get fairly cold, and sometimes even snow. Amman is always a bit cooler than the rest of the country, due to its elevation. The desert can be very hot during the day and much colder during the night. In the summer month of July and August, it is better to avoid very hot places. That includes the Dead Sea and the Eastern Desert.

Think before going for long activities outside, especially in areas without shade. Protect yourself with sunscreen and drink plenty of water. When booking with MyFairyTrail, we will optimize your travel according to the season and make sure you have a joyful trip. Create a trip and with a few simple clicks.

Wadi Karak Jordan

Wadi Karak

Is Jordan Safe?

Jordan is one of the safest countries in the region. There haven’t been any major terror attacks in many years and it is very calm. As a tourist, you can feel safe, while caution is of course always advised when traveling. Foreigners are welcome in Jordan and the people are very hospital. While you can of course rent a car in Jordan, not everyone is confident doing so. Traffic rules are not always respected and it can be a bit struggling driving in Jordan as a foreigner.

The main highway (Desert Highway) recently got some important renovations. Despite that you have to be aware of fast trucks, drivers neglecting rules and driving in cars without lights, etc. Driving at night is even more dangerous because of the many speed bumps that suddenly pop up. Also, people or animals might cross the road without warning. In remote areas, streets are not always in the best condition. The drivers at MyFairyTrail have years of experience on those roads and knows the best spots and view points. Enjoy your ride, get there safe and on time.

View over Aqaba city


Is Jordan Expensive?

Jordan is a middle-income country. The capital Amman looks very modern in parts but is also home to less fortunate people. In Amman, you find accommodation and food in all price ranges. You can get a Shawerma meal for around 1-2 USD. But you can also eat a fancy meal in of the many restaurants and it can cost you much more. You can grab a coffee on the street for 70 cents, but also buy one in the major chains for around 6 USD. So, it all depends where you go and what you prefer. In general, you can travel on a low budget, but Jordan is a bit pricier than some Eastern Asian countries for example.

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